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You don't want to go down the elevator because a wild animal awaits.

A Cheetah in the Mall

By Shadowgate


Robert Wilfred went to his new local mall that just opened. In an era where malls were shutting down right and left this new five story mall was going to be out of sight. The City of San Diego was excited over the High Five Mall. He looked at a movie theater. It was a really big movie theater and he found out they served not only popcorn but dinner and soda in pitchers with glasses. The theater also had a bar inside it.

Robert ventured along and felt like a kid again. When he got to the courtyard he saw 30 different restaurants. He sat down. Sitting across from him were three teenagers, two girls and a boy. The boy said "this new mall is wonderful."

Robert replied "yes it certainly is."

The boy commented "my sister and her best friend are enjoying the attention they're getting for their Megadeth t-shirts. People are shocked they're not Bieber fan girls."

Robert says "oh well they'll get over it."

The boy replied "yes because that's not the biggest shock of the day. There's a cheetah on the loose in this mall."

Robert looked at the boy and said "don't be smart."

A lady chimed in "he's not being smart there really is a cheetah on the loose in the mall."

Robert looked at her like she was crazy.

One of the teenage girls said "I'm glad they didn't shut down the mall over a cheetah on the loose. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get my smoothie."

Robert exhaled and acted flabbergasted. The teenage boy commented "I'm sorry sir my sister can be a bimbo sometimes."

Robert left the area of restaurants and went into a clothing department store. He was told the fancy suits were on the fourth floor. He got in a circular elevator with a window and went up. As he looked down he saw a cheetah. The cheetah looked straight up at him and he said "OH MY GOD!"

The man was totally shocked and he peed his pants.


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