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More romantic poetry.
My heart leaps, when it know you're near,
My love, you make all things sweet and pure,
And everytime you aren't, it wishes you were here,
Your illness will always be my cure.

Yes, love can cause you to hurt,
Out in the open, it begins it's growth spurt,
Under and over, round and round, above the sky and below the ground,
At every twist and every turn,
Love can be found, but lovers never learn,
Well you may look, here and there,
And when love catches you, you won't feel bare,
You shall find it hard to believe, as,
Secrets are secrets, but love is our dreams.

For love is bold, love is strong,
It is the shouder on which we all cry upon,
Never a dull moment when cupid is around,
Don't give up, love will be found.

Love is a curse, love is a gift,
Oaths are sworn, there occurs a shift,
Vunerable lovers, in the biggest fraternity,
Every moment we are apart gets lost in an eternity.

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