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She's back!
Part One - https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2234579-Mrs-Murder

Husband number seven,
Thought what the heck,
So I broke his neck,
It only took one date;

Husband number eight;
He didn't get very far,
When I poisoned his cigar,
Then I drank some wine;

Husband number nine,
A brick to make his car accelerate,
They found him in a local lake,
I took his ballpoint pen;

Husband number ten;
Burnt alive with a match,
Shame, he was a catch,
Had moved from Devon;

Husband number eleven;
Jumped without a parachute,
Gained from the lawsuit,
The police didn't solve;

Husband number twelve;
He had a sharp tongue,
They found him hung,
That was fun;

Wife number one.

Now enjoying married life.

I've finished killing,

For now.


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