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A fun little poem I enjoyed writing very much, about a Cockatoo who has a lot of attitude.
I'm a Cockatoo

Bet you've seen a few

Can't shut me down

Bush king, see my crown

Noisy and impolite

And a sharp beak that'll bite

Eat everything in sight

White wings take flight

Up, up and away

Squawk squawking all day

Sulphur crest all ornate

Some love me...some hate

Say, “Hello cocky”

I do a lot of talky

Repeat it like a parrot

Strangle me with a garrote

A protected species

Overhead...catch my faeces

I'll do a little dance

Point your finger take a chance

I'll take it off at first glance

Blood streaming...

You'll be screaming...

“Kill that Cocky!”

Remember I'm protected

Curb your anger...be deflected

Laugh, laughing all day

After dark, nothing to say

Goodnight Cocky

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