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Sitting by the fireplace.
Sitting by the fireplace
Watching the fire dance.*Fire*
Hot cocoa in my hands, *CoffeeB*
And a blanket over my legs.
Just watching the fire dance. *Fire*

The light from the fireplace
Only makes the room look darker.
The crackling of the fire *Fire*
Is the only sound all through the house.*House*
Burning wood and love letters.

I once had a dream
That I could walk through fire.
It didn't burn me
And it didn't hurt me.
Because I was the girl on fire.

A beautiful rage of red, yellow, and blue.
Eating away at everything around me,
Just to feel that thrill of being alive.
Whirling and twirling, all through town,
Looking like a forest in autumn.
Only thing is that I'm hot and deadly,
Alive and climbing up instead of falling down.
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