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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2234596
Freeze! They're looking! Media prompt October 2020!
It was 3 A.M. in the morning when Ken called me.
"Bro, I really like how you respect that my privacy.”, I said, half asleep.
"She's there, man. I swear to god, she's there. Right under the bed. She waiting for me to get out of bed and then she'll attack me. You gotta come down here and make her go away, bro"
I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes. As frustrated as I was, I simply couldn’t wave off my little brother. I was never able to. He had this pull over me. “Why won’t she attack me?”
“You ain’t as handsome as me, yo. I’m special, that’s why I can sense her. When she can sense me and tries to kill me. But when you come over, and she senses you and your not so handsome & she goes away. Same with the dude in the frame, the creepy mail dude, Rambo-“
“Shut up, man! Rambo likes me!” I loved his dog. He better like me too.
“Whatever, man! Come over.”
I sighed. “I’ll be there in a bit. Try not to pee your bed until then.”
I heard my “special” brother protest, but I hung up and cut him off before he drove me nuts.
Fifteen minutes later, I was in this room.
“Thanks man! She’s gone! MMmmm…“, he sniffed, sensing for her presence, because that is obviously ow that works. “Yeah… gone.”
“The curse of being too hot… You turn everyone and everything around you come-to-life and gay. Heck, you even bring thing and people who were never there mad in love with you. I wish I was as pretty as you, man.”
“No, you don’t bro. Like you said, it a curse, yo.”
“You told me that your music had hit a block, right?”
“Yeah, so?”
“Why don’t you write about your paranoia? I think you can do something with it.”
“PARANOIA? It ain’t a PARANOIA, man!”, he was yelling, but I didn’t care.
“And while you’re at it, Ken, get rid of all these ugly, creepy paintings and pictures around your house. Hate to tell you for the hundredth time, but they really ain’t art ,I can bet that they contribute to half of illness. As for your dog and mailman, I’ll keep Rambo if you want, and just ask for another mailman, I guess. I kinda do think he’s gay for you, bro.”
“I know, right? So what do I call this album?”
“Somebody’s watching me?”

(word count:440 words)
Prompt: Write a static item based on the "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell.

Rockwell's real name is Kennedy William Gordy, hence Ken. *Bigsmile*

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