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No Dialogue Contest Entry October 2020 - 1st Place
Dora giggled as feathers fanned her face.

Then she remembered she was supposed to be scary. She drew her mouth down into a grimace, furrowed her brow, narrowed her eyes, and started to let out a menacing growl when she burst out laughing because a crow landed on her head.

The farmer had been by just that morning giving her another warning. If she could not scare away the crows then she would have to go.

But she didn’t know how to scare away the crows or anything else for that matter. She was created, by the farmer’s youngest daughter, for fun. It had made the little girl so happy when her father chose Dora for the field, surely, he wouldn’t disappoint her now.

Dora sighed heavily. She knew she wasn’t made to be out here. She wasn’t sure where she was made to be, but it wasn’t anywhere she was required to be scary.

From the colorful bows attached to the tangled twine on top of her head to the sparkles on her cheeks, there wasn't a scary twig on her.

She tried all day. She did her best to rid the field of crows, unfortunately she spent more time laughing than anything else.

In the morning a dirt cloud formed on the farthest point of the dirt road. The farmer was coming back.

She tried to figure out something she could say to defend herself. No ideas formed in her straw filled head as she waited for the farmer to yell at her again.

He stopped a little ways from her, let down the tailgate of his truck and pulled out a scarecrow.

A very scary scarecrow. It had a downturned mouth and furrowed brow, no bows, no sparkles, just bleak grays and browns. It's beady black eyes glared at Dora as it was installed in it's new home.

The farmer pulled his truck up close to Dora. He never said a word to her as he pulled her stake and slid her into the back of the truck.

She knew she should be frightened, he was probably going to disassemble her, death for the non-scary scarecrow. But, bouncing around on the back of the truck, she couldn't help but smile. She loved riding in the truck.

Eventually the truck stopped and Dora was removed from the back only to find herself in amongst the corn once again. As she looked around she realized it wasn't actually a corn field, but a corn maze. The farmer set her stake into the ground right at the entrance. When he finished he climbed into his truck and roared off. He did not yell, he did not speak to her at all, obviously too angry for words.

Dora was still looking over her new digs when she heard children's voices coming her way. That is when she realized that she had been placed in the perfect spot this time. The farmer hadn't been really mad at her after all.

Word count = 512
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