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October challenge day 9
(1) Select a desired outlining strategy from the list below.
(2) Review your plot elements thus far and organize them into your outline.
(3) Flesh out your outline by adding more details.

Outlining Strategies
*Bullet* A traditional outline format with bullet points, numbers/letters, or chapters.
*Bullet* Index cards (paper or electronic) which can be easily shuffled to change scene order later.
*Bullet* The Snowflake Method.
*Bullet* Use one of the following story models as a fill-in-the-blank outline template:
*Bullet* The Five-Point Story Structure.
*Bullet* The Eight-Point Story Structure.
*Bullet* The Hero's Journey Story Structure.
*Bullet* "*Cat2*Save the Cat Beat Sheet (Outlining Method)"
*Bullet* Any other appropriate model.

*Bullet* A traditional outline format with bullet points, numbers/letters, or chapters.
1) Prologue: Gretchen McClure puts her suggestion to her partner Glen on kidnapping Prudence
2) Donnie Sternwood is away on business in Los Angeles.
3) Day zero - Employee of PDSternwood notifies gang time that Donnie flies back from business and time Prudence leaves office.
4) 9:30ish pm Prudence leaves the office after 14 hour day
5) Prudence arrives at mansion, car follows behind, she thinks its her daugher Arabelle
6) She is accosted by the gang and they force her into mansion under duress
7) She is forced to open and empty safe, gang ransack the house
8) Arabelle returns home, Prudence is tied up. Gang tell Prudence the ransom amount and not to tell police. She is tied and gagged, this affects her breathing and she passes in and out. Arabelle is taken away. Gang steals Prudences luxury Lexus suv.
9) Prudence hospitalised for a short period
10) Police trace SUV to a warehouse location and set up surveillance.
11) Prudence and Donny begin to work on raising the ransom
12) Police arrest guy going to picking up Prudences SUV. He talks and gives the name of a car repair shop in Philadelphia.
13) Police raid repair shop. Owner said he's nothing to do with it, but ex employee Glen Thorne. Police raid apartment of Glen Thorne that he shares with his partner Gretchen McClure.
14) Police interview Gretchens ex employer Wendys who say she left, that she got inheritance and was heading to Mexico. Police establish bar they drank in and interview. Establish who they drink with and discover one individual has left and in the gang.
15) Police interview Prudences mother and sister, they say she is gone to New Jersey on business as she's got a new job with Wendys in Mexico. They establish she calls daily. They get warrant and put a bug in phone.
16)Police notify Prudence and Donny of this and this gives Prudence panic attack and hospitalised
17) Police identy one individual that works in PDSternwood that is linked to one of the gang. They watch this person and establish that they maybe feeding the gang with information. They also bug this person.
18) Police set up sting that the money for the chopped SUV is ready to collect and gang member gives drop off location.
Police arrest him at pick up and also the employee
19)Police offer deal to gang member on Arabelles location and she is rescued.
Epilogue - 6 months later is 6am. Prudence gets up puts on her tracksuit and goes out walking with Arabelle. She has resigned as CEO and now now a non executive director. She's spending the time getting her health back.

The end.
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