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My first draft of my outline for Manicotti and Murder
I. Ralf comes to Antonio about Gary. Antonio tries to blow it off
II. Antonio befriends Betty, the amusement park owner
III. Rita is targeted by a speeding vehicle as they leave the fair
IV. Antonio starts to believe there is an issue with Gary as he looks more into the finances of the park
V. Ralf is killed in an “accident”
VI. Antonio now realizes this is mor serious than he thought
VII. Antonio gets into Gary’s life and meets his bookie
VIII. Antonio is in danger. There is a fire at his deep friend manicotti stand
IX. Rita knows of a plot to kill Antonio. She goes to the police
X. The police do not want to believe her due to her past convictions, etc.
XI. The night Antonio is to be killed, Rita does something…. Something to bring the police to the park. I am not sure what this is yet.
XII. Antonio does not get killed, obviously. But the police are there and he confronts Gary with evidence. Maybe the bookie is involved in this somehow or maybe Antonio has that guy here – not sure who that guy is yet. Need to flesh that out more.
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