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An animal play-off, but will there be a winner? You decide.
"Simply the best,
better than all you rest,"
boasted the Raven. "Why, a most important poet,
Poe, don't you know it?
Opened yon window, let me into his life,
Shared his soul's pain and strife
What do you say to THAT,
humble spider, snake and rat?"

The Spider could but confess,
her evil craft was often a mess,
BUT, as she gleefully reminded all
to heed her words and carefully recall
"Oh! What a tangled web I weave,
When first I practice to deceive!"
To further convince she was devil-horned,
gloated, "Hell hath no fury like a spider scorned."

For a moment the Rat was silent,
"Please,"he begged. "I don't wish to be violent.
You force me into a corner I've never been,
I? Who all my life tries not to be seen?
Contest my importance against you three?
Reveal something special just about me?
The Rat reared up to stand tall as he might,
Small paws curled in front, surely ready to fight
"I think you forget," he said with disdain.
"Man chooses my company, again and again.
Oft-times he prefers me so close to his side,
I nibble on his ear as his shoulder I ride."

The Snake looked around and around the round table,
How to compete? Would she be able?
Esspeshally impeded by her s-s-s-s-uffering s-s-s-s-peech
She thought to herself, "Life's such a be-e-e-e-tch!"
Suffering succotash, where's some s-s-s-ardoodledom
Winning may well take s-s-s-erious moodling, urr-hum?"
Snake attacked the the coming chore with total dedication,
Gritted her fangs and without a stutter, began her oration —
"She Sells Seashells by the Seashore…
and Snakes shed Sesquipedalian words,
and skins,
times sixty-four!"

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