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Walking a high wire, trying not to lean right or wrong.
A Pink Tightrope of Love

Hard to remember, not make a slip.
She is just a friend, not kissable lips.
I seek darkness, my cover for a glance.
Hair I yearn to touch, what price for an advance?

Sixteen years, hormones have simmered.
So sure I could force this desire to dimmer.
An angel walked in to tempt demonic lust
Now emotions shoved down, ready to bust.

What did I do wrong, God? This is a sin.
To even think about another girl’s soft sexy skin.
I have pummeled my thighs til bruises arise.
Nothing stops these dreams, I want to just die

Beginning to believe I have nothing to lose.
Life ain’t worth living if I let someone else choose.
I am ready to walk on that tightrope.
Maybe a fall will kill this aching hope.

She taps at my door, Mom let her in.
Sits on the bed, I reach to lift a trembling chin.
“Do you know how much I like you?”
Smiling, she gently nods, and I move in.

By Kathie Stehr
October 10, 2020

20 lines
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