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by Gabby
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2234746
A wizard went on a camping trip,had fun at first but found something unearthly luring near
Today was the day! Magician Steven is going to go on his first trip that he has been planning for all spring.As he jams all the things he thought he'd possibly needed in his truck,he began to open the door but he quickly ran back in the house because he forgot one thing, his wand. As soon as he grab that he zoomed to his truck and started the engine,riding to his new destination as his house vanished in the distance.

When Steven got to the camp site he started to look for a spot to set up camp after he got everything out his truck.In the process of finding the spot he ended up finding a trail that lead away from everyone else.As he walked down the rocky,clear path he came into a clearing. It had big,beautiful trees that shaded him from the sun, a clear opening that showed a golden sky,and a wide,open space,which was perfect for building a fire. He decided that this was the place he was looking for and began to unpack.

The magician starts up the fire after setting up the rest of the camp,he could began to see the stars shine through the huge,tall trees.Once the fire was blazing he took out a pack of marshmallows and began to roast them until golden brown,listening to all the creatures of the night,After his snack he lied down on his sleeping mat and gazed up at the stars until he fell asleep.

All of a sudden Steven woke up to the sound of something crashing,something big.It was late morning as he scanned the area to see where the noise came from.As he walked through the woods to find the thing that crashed he heard a loud zap and turned around to see a fresh burn mark on the tree a inch behind him.He turned around to see where it came from and saw someone or something standing a distance behind him getting ready to pull the trigger again on its outer worldly gun.He ducked saving his self from getting hit and began searching for his wand,but he couldn't find it on him.He left it in the tent.As he raced back to his tent he could hear three or four things running behind him trying to shoot him. He could feel the heat from the lasers as they passed by him, so close that he could feel the hair on his arms evaporate.as soon as he saw his tent he dove in searching for is wand and just as the creature pulled back the tent flap to shoot him he blasted it with a mighty blue light from his wand .As the creature dissolved he realized, it was an alien!

Steven doved out just in time not to get blasted in what once stood his tent.He ran behind a thick tree seeing that the lasers couldn't go through wood.He poked his head out to see where the aliens where and saw one running towards him. He blasted that one before it got to close.He saw the last one begin to pull out a even bigger weapon and shot at the tree breaking it instantly.As Steven dodged the mighty blast, he began to search for a way to sneak behind this creature.Then he realized that the alien couldn't see,so he relied off of sound.Steven began picking up anything he could find from rocks to mushrooms to pine cones trying not to get hit and began throwing them everywhere to disorientate the alien and it worked and as soon as he had the alien in a clear spot he used his mightiest spell and blasted the alien into a million pieces with emitting the most blinding green light he'd ever seen.

As Steven was catching his breathe from this experience he decided it was time to go home.He began packing his items and started to load them in his truck.As he began to start up his car he felt his wand in his pocket and said "What would I have done without you", and began to drive home.As he got closer to his home he realized that it was a fun camping experience and should maybe, try that again.

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