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This is a short story related to parapsychology where two friends discuss them.
Ramanath Dey and Ratan Das were two students living in hostel. Ramanath had interest in parapsychology. On the other hand, Ratan was a student of anthropology at Bangabasi college. Ramanath is working as a software engineer in a company in Kolkata. He is working from home right now. Ratan came to Ramanath’s house in Esplanade. Ratan Das lived in Dumdum. Ramanath is slim while Ratan is an obese person. Both of them loved playing chess, photography, writing, and travelling.

Ramanath asked, “Do you have any idea of parapsychology?”
Ram replied, “No .. I am student of anthropology. Tell me about that …”
Ramanath said, “ Parapsychology is very interesting which studies the psychic phenomena. This includes the extrasensory perception like precognition, telepathy, and psychokinesis. It also explores the psychometry.”
Ram replied, “wow! This is great!”
Ramanath said, “It also explores near death experience, apparitional experience, synchronicity etc. It is known as pseudoscience by the scientists.”
Ram said, “ It is nice … what about research on that field?”
Ramanath said, “It is carried by the institutions at private among different countries and they have been financed by private donations. There are science journals.”
Ram said, “ There are papers of parapsychology and there has been criticism for carrying out investigation irrespective of evidence.”
Ramanath said, “There are psychic phenomena after 100 years of research.”
Ram asked, “What kind of paranormal phenomena do you study?”
Ramanath said, “They are telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near death experience, reincarnation and apparitional experience.”
Ram asked, “What is telepathy?”
Ramanath said, “ Telepath is quite interesting and it has been the transfer of data related to feeling between the individuals through something irrespective of five senses.”
Ram replied, “Great.. What is precognition?”
Ramanath said, “ It has been the perception of data related to future location or it might be events prior to their happening.”
Ram replied, “Awesome.. What is Clairvoyance?”
Ramanath said, “It is getting data on events and places from far away location through unknown ways not understood by the scientific world.”
Ram replied, “It is great… What is psychokinesis?”
Ramanath said, “It is the capacity of mind to move the time, matter, space, or energy through ways not known in the current scientific world.”
Ram replied, “ Superb… what is near death experience?”
Ramanath said, “it is an experience shared by a person who had died almost or it might be an experience of clinical death and then there has been revival.”
Ram replied, “Awesome. What is reincarnation?”
Ramanath said, “It is the soul born again or other aspects of nonphysical type of the consciousness of human being in the new form of physical subsequent to death.”
Ram replied, “Great.. super…. What is apparitional experience?”
Ramanath said, “It is a phenomena associated with the ghosts and they have been found in locations of the dead person who had visited several times. It has been related to the former belonging of that person.”

Ram asked, “Can you tell me about the journals related to parapsychology?”
Ramanath said, “ They are Journal of Parapsychology, Journal of Near Death Studies, Journal of consciousness studies, journal of the society of psychical research, and journal of scientific exploration.”
Ram said, “Great.,. thank you … I will check them .. and go to youtube and know more about the parapsychology.... What kind of paranormal phenomena are not associated with parapsychology?”
Ramanath said, “They are UFOs, astrology, vampires, paganism, witchcraft, or alchemy.”
Ram said, “It is great to talk to you.. Let me order some snacks and tea for both of us.”
Ramanath said, “Definitely!”

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