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Online has its dangers so does most everything we do, so why are we so afraid online?
It's a scary world
Things go bump in the night
Imaginary monsters
Hiding just out of sight

But we know
It's all in our head
There are no monsters
So nothing to dread

Fear the unknown
The gloom and doom
Wrapped up in a cocoon
Safe and sound in our room

Is that living?
Really living a life?
There's nothing in the cupboard
It's a buckle, not a knife

People we'll never meet
Could be trolls or worse
Don't reveal who we are
To those likely perverse

They could track us down
Peeping through our pane
Evil and desperate...
Or, just a friend to gain?

I guess we'll never know
A risk we cannot take
We already have friends
So what if some are fake

Trust in those we know
Rather than a stranger
But someone close
May be the greatest danger
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