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by Paul
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Family · #2234828
Bob and Thad come to an agreement, kind of.

“You wore them, didn’t you? Now I’m going to be late and all you do is lie about it. Grow up, butthead!”

“I’d be careful there, big brother Thad, you’re older by one year, but I’m bigger and a lot stronger than you, I’ll tie you in a knot!”

“That’s always been your answer, beat the crap out of who or what ever. You don’t THINK, little brother ‘bone-head.’”

“I’ve asked you not to call me that. My name is Robert, Bob if you want.”

“You never asked, you Told me. Try thinking first, before the violence. You might find you don’t need the violence.”

“Okay, ‘Please’ don’t call me that. Is that better?”

“Yes, I’ll stop, thank you. See, things can be settled without violence. Besides, I wouldn’t rely on your strength to solve our problems.”

“Why not?”

“Remember all those afternoons I’ve been gone for hours?”

“Yeah, hanging with your nerd buddies, drinking tea?”



“I’ve been taking lessons in Karate for over a year and I don’t think you’d win. I have no desire to test that theory, Bob.”

“Thank you. I don’t either.”

“Okay, good. Now, I can’t find my socks, the argyle ones, where are they?”

“I wore them last night, they’re in the laundry.”

“Thad, I think we’ve crossed a bridge here.”

“How’s that?”

“We’re talking like grownups, not fighting like kids.”

“You’re right! Let’s go have a beer.”

“That’s the first time you’ve asked me that since I moved in two years ago.”


“Yes, it is. Thank you, I’d love to.”

“Wild Pony, here we come!”

“Uhh, no. I’ve seen that place and heard it three blocks away. No.”

“Okay, where?”

“Not The Office, down on 3rd street. We could talk there.”

“I think we’re starting back over that bridge.”

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