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Week 2 Halloween Blurb
Halloween Trinket of the Month

I hope you are keeping your eyes peeled while you are perusing the Newsfeed —
apparently RumTumTugger is Tina has unleashed a group of unruly and uncontrollable Ninja's loose on the Newsfeed!

What do you need to know about this menace? Be on the lookout for the clues they leave behind ... they will look just like these;

*Witch* *Candycorn* *Bats* *Skull* *BalloonO*

If you see ANY of these clues on the Newsfeed - send the Posts Author an email ... there's a reward!!

And No — the clues up *Up* there are just an example, so they don't count ... Ninjas aren't that easy!


blimprider has new prompts up for your writing pleasure,

first you need to join — "Dreamweaver Bar & Grill which is really quite easy! Just knock and ask for Jack or Richard here, "The Dreamweaver Lounge,

we'll be sure to let you right in.

Then go to this post to see the particulars; "Anthology Project 3"  

CHARACTER: Person with a mysterious past.
ITEM: A bounced check.

To clarify, the Character needn't be the protagonist but must be a major player, at least the antagonist or confidant. Likewise, the Bounced Check must figure prominently, but not necessarily in the hands of the protagonist.


To continue the Halloween Festivities The "Newbie Contest Challenge!! is all about being SCARY

*Thought* October 2020 PROMPT *Thought*

The October Round of our Competition will be a Story;

October's Prompt is *Shock2* SCARE ME *Shock2* Your entry may be fiction or non-fiction.


Rounding out our spooky goings-on go do some Trick or Treating at the "Wicked Fun Fall Fundraiser/CLOSED♊️GeminiGem💎 has some wonderful Goody Bags up for grabs!

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