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The character profile of Gary Archer for Manicotti and Murder
Gary Archer is my antagonist. He is 31 years old. He was orphaned and taken in by his aunt and uncle Betty and Fred Farner. He has dark brown hair and a mustache and goatee. He has crisp green eyes and is 5’11’tall. He is a high school graduate and a college drop out. He has had drug issues on and off and is also known to be a heavy drinker. He is mean and abusive when he drinks. He has been in and out of jail many time. His Aunt Betty, the amusement park owner, thinks he can do no wrong. Although she knows he is trouble, she blames the loss of his parents on all of his problems and thinks he should not be held liable for anything.
Gary has not siblings, and Betty and Fred had no children. He was married to Rita for a short time, but went to jail for domestic abuse. She decided not to press charges, but divorced him anyway. She was pregnant before the event, but miscarried. She tried to tell people it was not Gary’s fault, but in fact it was. He has been through a string of women since then. He is charismatic when he needs to be, when it suits his purposes. But he will turn mean and controlling very quickly.
He works at the amusement part, mostly as a handyman. He is supposed to be working toward being the manager and someday owner, but he has no interest in being a “carny” for the rest of his life. Oddly, being the handyman, he is seen more as that than he would be if he would dedicate himself and take a leadership role, as his Aunt would like him to do. He is not unintelligent. He is quite smart, and uses that to the detriment of other people.
Gary has taken to gambling, and has run up big bills. He also spends a lot of money in the bars, on expensive cars (which he can’t drive right now due to an OWI and operating while revoked). He cannot get insurance, so the cars he owns are in his Aunt Betty’s name. She tried to sell one once and he threatened her. She feel she needs him in her life, as Gary is the only family she has left. He understands this and uses it to his advantage.
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