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In few minutes finding her missing near the lift, lodges a complaint with Police
“She’s missing”, Henry Complains

It's already overnight, no information, nervous Henry thinks about missing pet Jimmy "It's late, I'll approach police " picks her group photo with him and his girl, the recent of all, lodges complaint attaching it.
A long anxious wait , frustrated Henry grumbles, “ I'm in pain, you don't feel it. You’ll never find it, ”
“Hey, don’t lose hopes,. We've clues, can’t share, lest culprit escapes” the officer pacifies.
“You mean she’s abducted? I saw her coming out of lift to reach me ,I went to bring car from parking lot. People all around, how dare one abducts in minutes?”
“Why not, thugs could frisk in split seconds. Be patient, Let's see CCTV footing”
“Officer, we've CCTV footage, the manager of mall has sent” Jack gives the pen drive.
“Cool , let’s examine” officer, browses it on laptop, scrolling up and down. “It is 11 20 AM, your complaint reads it happened, right?” looked at Henry.
“You’re right, exact 11:20 AM I saw her coming out of lift. Getting the car,11:28, I looked, she’s missing”
“Hey jack, come soon, zoom these and display separately” officer calls the computer assistant.
“Here they’re officer” he points to monitor zooming them in another window.
"Look the girl is dragging her back into lift as door's closing . Victim’s figure tallies one you gave in complaint”
An upset Henry nods “Yes officer, it’s her I’m missing” seeing Jimmy hop in to lift as the girl drags her in, to save getting caught between doors as they shut.
On return he enters the isle , Jimmy jumps with joy, follows into apartment!

" You're booked for false identification, it's your pet missing, not 'your girl', right? neighbor confirmed photo you gave tallies the pet , she said is missing" the officer bashes on phone.

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