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We rely on our sight more than any other sense...and yet, it is the easiest one to fool
We all see things very differently
Is the glass half empty? Or is it half full?
A slight angle can change appearances emphatically
Turning a flat surface into a ball

I have always seen life from afar
Like looking at ants...but they are not looking at me
We're too busy to stop and smell the roses
So busy we just can't see

Although we must all do our daily grind
To allow the chores of life to define you
Is something we may find regrettable
Striking a balance is what's best to do

What we see is not always what it appears
A sleight of hand or a magician's illusion
Or to gauge an object's size from afar
Comparing it to something known, is the solution

Opinions are not facts, that's a fact
Yet so many see their own as being so
Pushing agendas or converting unbelievers
Making certain an ill wind will blow

Our senses are five in total
Losing one sees the others more acute
Which sense would you choose to lose
Sight would be last, without any dispute

Looking up into the night sky
Seeing the stars and milky way's glow
Their rays may take millions of years to get here
Gazing into the past through a starlit window

Reflection's hurtle to the past at the speed of light
Images cast out to eternity
Distance becomes the shutter on the camera
Capturing each moment in time and all it's beauty

I see our planet Earth is in crisis
Humans have changed the very nature of her being
And really...what are we without her?
It's drastic action, not complacency, we should be seeing

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