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Givers declare war on Takers...who never show any appreciation or desire to reciprocate.
I could be talking about a law of physics
When I speak of how opposites attract
It's also in us this law applies
Is this opinion, or is this in fact a fact?

There are in general two types of people
The Givers and the Takers
Both these types see something in the other
Good guys and bad...movers and shakers

Because I am one of the good guys
It's the Givers who are my team
Always feeling hard done by
With, "Poor me!” as our cheer squad’s scream

But, in the interests of fairness
The takers deserve a say
“If it were not for us Takers”
“Where would you Gvers give it away?”

“The Takers provide a service”
“That the Givers obviously need”
“Or they wouldn't give so much”
“Without us Takers, you'd be a sorry lot indeed”

Tired of being taken by those dirty rascal Takers
The Givers stop their giving, to show they are not fakers
The Takers are unmoved exclaiming, “We don't give a toss!”
“You Givers do whatever you want, it will be at your own loss!”

Alone, at last, the Givers look to give, but then they find
A Giver loves to give but taking is not on their mind
“Without anyone to give to, we really are a sorry lot”
Meanwhile, at the Takers, no one is giving away squat

A solution is what is needed, so a delegation’s convened
There needs to be a compromise, and some attitudes subvened
When the dust had settled and their ideologies were sacked
The laws of physics do apply when opposites attract

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