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Rated: E · Poetry · Adult · #2234996
Contemplating the end
Having just reached a ripe Middle Age
Thought I’d just poetize one other
The Day that I Die, a warm rainy day
That’s when I plan to pass away

I’ll no longer care for sun, rain, or snow
And finally discover what none of us know
In life we all ponder, pontificate, guess
What’s in store when we pass from this mess

As for my poems on the day that I die,
No more changes or edits to try
My paintings as well are finished, are done
All are for you, to enjoy, to have fun
No more laughter nor tears will I see
For surely you know, there is no more me

The day that I die I’ll abide with my Host
Maybe I’ll wander a bit as a ghost
My children and friends may sorrow a bit
But be happy for me, I’m away from all shit
Lift a glass, sing a song, remember my best
Have a fine party, I’ll attend as a guest

My children, my promise wherever I stay
I’ll be caring for you each hour, each day
Don’t ever despair or feel your alone
We can always chat, no need for a phone
After the day that I die

So spread my ashes on mountain on sea
Return to the earth, that’s the way it should be
Charge forward with life, try for your best
I’ll meet you again when you come to rest
After the day that I die

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2234996-THE-DAY-THAT-I-DIE