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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2234997
Alba Cornish is missing something she has never been without before.
Finding The Missing

Alba Cornish was tearing everything apart, searching for something. Her phantom familiar, Vic N. Visio watched her as he floated at his ease near the ceiling.

Vic made himself as solid as possible so he would sink to the floor. Alba stopped long enough to frown at him.

“The least you could do is help me look. In the walls and ceiling as well as some of the tighter spaces!”

“I’m constrained from doing that! Although I know where it is, I can’t help retrieve it!”

Alba stopped and stared.

“Why didn’t you say so? Just tell me where it went and I’ll get it myself!” Alba looked like she would have shaken the truth out of him if she could have.

Vic shook his head.

“Can’t do that either. I’m fettered by the thief!”

“I don’t see any chains, besides you’re a phantom, you can’t be constrained!”

Alba put her hands on her hips and glared sparks at him. Vic vanished.

“Get back here!” Alba growled.

Vic’s head appeared floating three feet above the floor.

“Who has been after some part of you since you were born?” he asked her.

Alba began to pace and think and think and pace. Then the light dawned in her green eyes.

Bartholin Ellis! That snake in the grass, that false benefactor, that wolf in witch’s clothing!” Alba ranted.

Vic bobbed his head, making it careen all over the room. When he got it under control, he was able to talk once more.

“I saw him take it, but before I could snatch it back he had compelled me by spell!” Vic said.

“I feel so naked,” Alba mourned.

“Now you know how I feel every day!” Vic shot back.

“But you’re used to being without a shadow, I’m not!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2234997-Finding-The-Missing