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A diagnosis of breast cancer can put one into a tailspin of hopelessness.
Finding Inner Strength

Life's road, an obstacle course.
Thorny paths, high walls to scale,
puzzles where nothing fits.
I've no strength left to submit.

An angel wrapped golden wings about me.
I was already a lost ghost rattling chains.
No love, faith or devotion to defend.
Only a shadow of the woman I had been.

A breath of holy sweet air,
she blew in my frightened heart.
Stardust magic to empty parts,
lost to this monster of ugly art.

She took me for a ride
through star filled skies.
Iridescent globes burst,
shower healing upon the earth.

Life can be sad, sorrow weighs heavy.
Science is constant and steady.
Faith is found in curious places,
like joy and love in children's faces.

By Kathie Stehr
20 lines
Breast Cancer Awareness

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