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by dangal
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Now the lights had gone out in town.
Then the lights went out. Mark stepped outside closing the door behind him, seeing a darkness he had not seen since his army days. Only in the dessert can you see such darkness. The sky was lined with bright shining stars. He could make out all the constellations.

It was a kind of beauty that chilled you to the bone. Also it was winter so he did feel a chill begin to seep in. Wrapping his scarf tight around his neck he went into his shed and lifted a long metal pole, tied a cloth around it’s end and dipped it in gasoline. Then he lit it. He strapped his shotgun on his back, grabbed his axe with his other hand and started walking towards the town.

Mark could hear footsteps close to him, “who goes there?” He couldn’t believe a programmer like himself would ever use a phrase like that. It was a phrase from an old western.

“It is I, Farhood! Your neighbor.” Responded Farhood with a joking voice.

Farhood’s family had lived in Fairfield for ages. He was the youngest son, that’s probably why he was sent to town. Mark knew Farhood worked for Google and had tried in the past to get into Google through Farhood unsuccessfully. He still resented him for that, but what did it really matter now.

“What do you think happened?” Farhood asked.

“2020.” Replied Mark.

“Everyone healthy at home?” Asked Mark.

“Yes.” Said Farhood. “But we are running short on food and water. Did they say when they are bringing food to town?”

“Nope. I managed to get into the internet yesterday. Sorry I did though cause Now they found out anyone who had Covid in the past will die within two years. Turns out it ruins your heart or something.”

“Damn… Now I’m even happier we had that lockdown so early in our state. And that those anti maskers got thrown out of town. I mean we knew nothing about Covid and people decided they knew more than the scientists that told them about it.” Said Farhood. “That’s some scary shit. Two years? You sure?”

“Yeah.” Mark responded glumly. “They said two years max. Then your heart basically stops. It really did turn into the apocalypse.”

“In this country it did.” Said Farhood.

They heard a wolf howl very close. Mark felt his blood curdle at the sound of it. Now he could see Farhood who came within his torch light range. Farhood was also armed with an old scimitar. And even wore something on his chest that seemed like leather. A leather armor of sorts Mark guessed.

“It’s like a D&D adventure out here.” Farhood said smiling.

Mark could see the fear behind his eyes which probably mirrored his own.

Something big ran out of the darkness growling and knocked Farhood out of the torch light. Mark responded immediately running in the same direction. He saw Farhood on the ground with a wolf over him biting his arm. Farhood screamed.

Mark threw down the torch and raised his axe high. The wolf saw him and bolted.

Mark helped Farhood up. “Are you all right?”

“No.” Said Farhood holding his bleeding arm and looking into the darkness. “What the actual hell. Now they’re attacking us? What next? What the actual hell.”

There was a rustle next to them, Mark quickly took hold of his shotgun and blasted at the direction of the sound. “That will scare them off for a bit. Listen. Let’s go back home. I don’t think the roads are safe at night anymore. If we had gas we could drive to town but…”

“2020.” Said Farhood.

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