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Anything can happen between consciousness and unconsciousness.
Time to Wake Up!

Ahh...dammit! Not again! It had to be that damn MD 20/20 street wine again. I knew I shouldn't have drank so much with lazy-ass Luther, that jackass. This sleep paralysis sucks! It always happens after I drink that crap. I know I'm just ending some crazy-ass dream or nightmare, but I'm not totally awake yet. Dammit, I can't shake this. My arms and legs are frozen.

Alright, alright...calm down. It's happened before. Relax and see if you can slip back into that dream, if I knew what the hell I dreamt about. Well, anyway, I should shake this off in a couple of minutes, but it feels so weird. The only thing I can do is think, and that's what sucks.

Whoa, wait. It feels like I'm moving. If I could open my eyes, I could see what's going on. I must be slipping back into my dream. It really feels like I'm moving. Is that talking? Is somebody in my bedroom? Dammit...Dammit! I've got to wake up. This isn't like my other episodes. There was no talking in them. Wait, is it talking? I...I can't understand them. I've got to wake up.

Shit, I must have dozed off again. I feel like I'm moving again. Like I'm being taken somewhere. Why can't I wake up? They've never lasted this long. It's starting to scare the shit out of me! Umph! I still can't move. I've got to move. Urrr...Urrr! Shit! No one else is in the house. I need someone to shake me, to wake me up.

Okay...okay, calm down. I don't feel like I'm moving anymore. Thank God! Please let this be over. I promise I won't drink that street crap anymore. Please let me wake up!

Dammit! I drifted off again. I've never drifted in and out of sleep paralysis before. This isn't right. What's that? What the hell is that? I hear it. It's coming above me. What the hell? It sounds like...no, it couldn't be! I've got to wake up and see what the hell is going on! The noise from above. It's too blunt to be knocking, but I know I've heard it before. Why can't I wake up? I've got to move. Please, God...let me move!

Ahh! Finally! Whew! I'm so glad I'm out of that dream. Wait, why is it so dark in here? What time is it? Ouch! What the hell? Where am I? Ouch! Who put me in here? Who put me in a goddamn box? What's going on? Oh no...that noise. I know what it sounds like now.

They're burying me! NOOOOO.....

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