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Rated: E · Poetry · Holiday · #2235063
A Halloween Poem ~ Awarded 2nd Place in "A Story-Poem Contest!!!"
Authors Note

‘Twas the Eve of All Hallows and throughout the manse,
the skeletons were limber, all ready to dance.
Bats hung in the belfry, well-rested ‘til night,
When the flap of their wings, would give a good fright.

The ghosts are all bustling about in their sheets,
moaning and groaning to get out in the streets.
They wait for the living to fall fast asleep,
then out in the night, they’ll stealthily creep.

The leaves are all swirling, blown aloft by the wind.
Or are those more goblins, or some evil kin?
Witches and Warlocks and Wizards abound,
‘Tis hardly a safe night to be out and around.

Still, fool hearty souls try to make a last dash.
Hope upon hope, just to add to their stash.
Monsters and werewolves lurk in the park,
hiding and ready somewhere deep in the dark.

Flames tickle cauldrons, bitter potions a'brew,
only their mistresses' know what they’ll do.
No longer the time for the lively and quick,
magic brings forth the dead with the wave of a stick.

Demons whistle and chant and call out the names,
of souls long departed to join in their games.
Winds howl, chains rattle, things go bump in the night,
what a horrible evening to be a mere wight.

Darkness festers and roils, surrounding in shadowy arms,
engulfing us fully with its sinister charms.
Spirits and spooks come from myriad haunts,
provoking our fears with cruel laughter and taunts.

Music most eerie fills night sky with sound,
heralding a warning, for the earthbound.
Is evil coming, is it best to avoid,
lest you fall to the power of an evil spheroid?

For each Halloween, the legend stays bound.
That if we give honor on this hallowed ground,
rewards might befall us. With candy and toys
for only the truest believers ‘mongst girls and boys.

Don’t let ghosts scare you, stay steadfast and true,
nor monsters or demons, not even the shrew.
The bats cannot hurt you, it’s all just for show,
stay ready, keep steady, believe what you know.

With a whoosh of the wind and a flourish of leaves
the moon's light is shadowed, the aspen tree heaves.
Wait, what’s that noise, is that him, has he finally arrived?
Very much to my surprise, I’ve actually survived!

The sight now before me of a girth so stupendous,
my eyes almost blinded by a hue so tremendous.
So brilliant a color, never beheld, a bright shiny orange.

Uh Oh!?

Gifts and prizes flow freely like fresh forests sporange. (PHEW!)

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2235063-Twas-the-Eve-of-All-Hallows