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Rated: E · Assignment · Crime/Gangster · #2235064
Antagonists Profile
Draft a profile of the antagonist(s) you identified in the ""Premise"" assignment. If your antagonist is a situation rather than a person, choose another minor (but significant) character to profile.

Gretchen McClure is a 52 year old chain smoking female that still shows a wild streak she's always had from a young age. Growing up she was always a bit of a Tom boy.

Her first brush with the law was aged 16 when she was caught shoplifting. She then took up a summer job working in her relatives chain of restaurants and done some charity work to show the courts that it was a once off. Her parents thought this had tamed her and got her out of trouble however, trouble gave her a buzz.

While working in the restaurant she momentarily stole her cousin she detested Prudence Buchanon's ID and photo copied it and had fake ID's made up.

After a while she left this restaurant and moved to working in a burger joint in Yonkers. She still diced with trouble and could never settle down with a boyfriend , dumping them when she got bored.

her dislike for Prudence grew with jealously, as Prudence became a successful businesswoman. When Prudence started dating her husband, she started a vicious rumour that he was a chubby chaser and feeder. This caused a lot of distress for Prudence and Donnie her now husband at the time.

Gretchen lived at home with her mother as her carer. When the family farm ran into financial trouble due to her brother running it to the ground, Prudence bought it as an investment, allowed them live on it and employed both Gretchen and her brother.

Though She should of been grateful, Gretchen despised this and undertook a plot to blackmail Prudence.

Her brother got 5 years for this reduced to three. She pleaded she was on medication and her mothers carer, she was let off with a warning for good behaviour.

4 weeks later she assualted Prudence and was then given a restraining order and told to stay away from the farm. Her sister Janice then had to return to Yonkers to the family farm to care for their mother.

Gretchen then moved to Philly and met her boyfriend Glen. IT was with Glen that she began plotting to kidnap Prudence.

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