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about life story where I was born and family and ect
I was born in Astoria Oregon in 1953 and all our families lived there too. My gradmother and Uncles lived where the astoria bridge the house was a big gray house, they had to move because they whated to build the bridge where there house was so they moved to a house on the hill...My uncle taught paino lessons. I do not remember the house where the bridge is at all just by what I was told. I have two sisters I am the youngest. My mother worked at the cannery in Astoria Oregon and Dad worked doing welding he did very good work..We moved to Burnside by Knappa Oregon about 15 min. to Astoria Oregon..Our house was not far from the Columbia River there was houses all around ours. I had some friends that lived close by. I was very scared and shy child and scared of everything it seemed. I got very sick when I was a child had a high temp for over a year my mother told me and was very thin..they sent me to Portland Oregon at the OHSU hosiptal for tests about what I had I saw a lot of doctors in one day it was a bit overwelming for a small child and for my mother..I had Batten Disease disorders of the nervous system also known as neuronal ceroid. We stayed with my granfather and granmothers house in Portland and my granfather drove us to OHSU for my tests that the doctors did..I did not like it at all...They said the Batten disease stopped so we went back home..The disease left me with one bad eye and that I can not see much out of and one ear I have hearing problems. and I had learning problems in school...but I graduated in 1973, The Batten disease usually the person gets real bad and sometimes dies...but mine halted and I am good know thank the Lord..John F Kenndy came to Tongue Point and we were let out of school to see him and everyone it seemed went to see him all my family was there l could not see him because of all the people in the way but I sure could hear him..it was just a couple months after that he was killed, everybody in Astoria Oregon were so shocked about it,,and we all just saw him a couple months back...The Columbus day storm was something else we had a big tree in back of our house in Burnside and my parents said we should go to Astoria to our granparents house to stay in case the tree fell..so we did..it was so windy walking to the car I remember and scarey and on the way I remember there were trees across the road and we had to go around them but we made it to Astoria good. Our electirc was out for a couple weeks my mom said and we cooked on a cook stove, We had a dog named Lady she was a awesome dog..and we had lots of cats I remembered..one day they were gone..my dad put them in a bag of sorts and put them in the river that is what they did back then I guess..that was not a nice thing to do. Our dog Lady would follow my sisters to the river they went swimming. One day Lady got sick we had to put her to sleep in Astoria at the vets that was very sad we loved that dog...My older sister went to seaside oregon to The Pypo Club where bands played like Paul Revere and The Raiders and others they danced there the teens it was real popular then..I remember when the Astoria Bridge was build. I remember that I had candyland game and chutes and letter games when I was a child and I would get my sisters boyfriends to play with me the games. I really liked Candyland game..And I and my girlfriends would put on plays and stuff it was fun,,And my mother had a garden and we would get milk from the milk man than came to our door and there would be cream on top of the milk. My Dad got a job in Portland Oregon back in 1964 65 and my mother and us went there to look for a place to live in Gresham oregon..I remember going with her with a Realtor and one of the Realtors was the man she got married to..my dad and mother got a divorce not because she meant this man...but because they had problems,,,It was way after the divorce that she and this man got married...We moved to Gresham Oregon in 1965 and we had a house on kane road I believe it was a nice house..My older sister lived in Portland Oregon at that time and was single and in college,,she would take me to where she lived and I spent a lot of time with my older sister we would go swimming at the Gresham high Pool and go to M&Ms cafe afterwards and then home. My other sister was in her senior year at Gresham Union High school then. I had trouble in school learning so they put me in a special ed...which I did not like at all,,I did not learn anything in it kids were very cruel and would call me retart it effected me a lot..I finally got out of the specail ed class..I just had learning problems I should of never been put in that class..I went back to regual school I was so glad but I was so skinny and scared of everything and everybody it seemed. kids still made fun of me..one year the whole class turned against me I do not know why? I remember the teacher told me to leave the class for awhile..she talked to the kids. I remember going to East grade school then Dexter Mccathy grade school then we moved to Portland Oregon and I went to David Douglas highschool. Wow! it was so big to me..I went for a year and a half at david douglas high then we moved back to Gresham Oregon and I went to gresham high I was so glad I really liked Gresham Highschool I made friends there, In my senior year of highschool the class got to go to Jenson Beach Amusmwnt Park in Portland Oregon,,Jenson Beach amusment park was so awesome they had a big rollcoster it looked wicked I never went on it...We had a grear time..My gradmother passed away around the time I graduated, my mother said when she saw her last that she had the feeling that she wasnt going to see her mom again and she was right..I remember I answered the phone one day and it was my grandad and he said that he whated to talk to my mom I said she wasnt home but I would let her know,,,and that is when my granmother passed away it was in the morning,,My dad passed away around that time to a year after I think..he was very sick and in the hosiptal he had cancer..I remember visiting him with my older sister and he looked so yellow his skin and thin,,I was scared..he told me to come over to him and I did I do not remember what he said to me I was 19 or 20 years old then...I do not know if he even loved me and my sisters then too much happened with his new wife and all she was not a nice person at all..I only got to visit my dad once because his wife banned us from seeing him..she did a lot of not nice things. My dad took me away from my mother he got custody of me..nobody asked if I whated to live with him..and I did not what to at all...makes me mad ..I had no say at all and I was 14teen at the time..grrr and when he married his wife she told me if I saw my mother that she would beat my butt...which I told my dad and he did not believe me...I told my mother and I ran away from my dad and his wife house and my mother picked me up and went to her house..I felt real safe ..my mother had me talk to a lawyer and I told them about my dads wife and what she said and that my dad did not believe me ,,,so I got to live with my mother and her husband I was so glad,,but my mothers husband was not nice to me..I went to Mt Hood community college after highschool just took some classes shorthand and they do not even use it anymore and some other classes..went there for allmost 2 years and we moved to Bend Oregon why is because my mothers husband his health was not good so they thought Bend Oregon would be a good place to move too..We moved there in 1995 I believe and got a house there...My sister moved there to Bend and she and I got apartment together that was awesome I thought but let me till you it wasnt because she drank a lot and had a big problem when she drank she changed and she threw the telphone at me and had men come to our apartment and I felt unsafe I would go the bathroom out my window I was so scared..and her son lived with us too he was abouto 4 or 5 years old...It was something else livng with my sister..middle sister I am the youngest in the family..well she left for Portland Oregon she just left and I had the apartment to myself..Her friend that is a guy started to come over to my apartment and I made dinner for him and I..I thought he was great we sort of had a sexual realiship my first time doing it was with him...I liked him for a couple years. Hoping I would be his girlfriend but he had other girls..boy I was stupid,,I was 23 then..When it ended I felt so bad and sad wondering what I did wrong...I meant a girlfriend though going to counsling and a group counsling..she and I got along well she and I started going to the China Ranch a bar,,,and we danced and talked to the guys it was so fun we went there every friday or ssaturday nites then they had 2 for one drinks and then in those days they put a lot of alchoic in the drinks..and sometimes I would get real drunk..There would be a guy that would come out at 12midnite and dance with all the girls including me he was a great dancer I loved dancing..He started likeing me,,he was real nice,,,my girlfrind would only drink coke and she acted like a old lady it is true my others friends thought it too. One year my girlfriend from Portland came and visited me for a couple days..we went to the china ranch and I allways whated to sit up close where the band plays..we got to know the band memebers and one liked me the lead singer and my girlfriend liked the drummer we went out to breakfast with them one day and got together with the lead singer and my girlfriend got with the drummer and we slept with them..Geeish I was dumb..I was having a great time with my girlfriends when we went to the China Ranch I did things I should not have..Another time my girlfriends and I went to the Cooper Room they played music there to Bands..one of my girlfriends got to know the singers in the band and I and another girlfriend got to know the band people real good..sleeping with the lead singer he was cute..I knew it was wrong but I did it..I sure loved dancing..I meant a guy at the china ranch and we became boyfriend and girfriend and I even lived with him and his family,,,I knew it was wrong but I did it..i started doing volunteer work at different places in bend oregon..the dept of youth red cross ect..really enjoyed doing it,,I belonged to the Eagles Lodge in Bend..they had Happy hour Bingo it was really fun...it was like Keno..I won sometimes...and the Eagles had the biggest dance floor and they had the Wilson Room where they had bingo and other things...I meant a guy at the Eagles Ross..he liked dancing to...we took dancing lessons and learned the western swing and so forth...It was fun going dancing and doing the swing...with Ross. I meant another guy at the China Ranch this was before Ross..Lee he was one of my boyfriends...he liked to talk...then I meant John at the China Ranch he worked at Deshutes Ready m..MaryAnn and I had a lot of fun way back then..she and I went to the State Fair one year and the Rose Festable in Portland Oregon and went to Portland Wrestling at the old sports arena that was a blast loved it...Maryann acted like a old lady back then my other girlfriends said and I and she did..But that was just her..I meant Maryann in counsling group they had and meant Carol another good friend of mine there too..still friends with them both but only talk and see Carol..Maryann is somewhere in Bend..did talk to her once but that was it..I do not get together with Maryann or Carol because of the China Virus and just because I just dont. do that anymore like I used to when I was younger,,I would enjoy seeing them but I things have changed I tend to just go with my husband,,to places,,,I have changed.,,.,which is good. I have lived in a lot of apartments in Bend...My mother helped me alot to find these apartments to live in she was a life saver and she gave me a lot of support and she loved me a lot and I the same she was the best mother ever..I was like a butterfly back then. Life in Bend Oregon was so different back in the 70's--80's it was a small town when we moved there..no malls no this and that hardly any traffic and there was thunder storms in the summer in the afternoons a lot..know there isnt that much of the thunder in the summers...
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