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by DeanJ
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Mental Health
I think we have all been there. Sitting around, not much going on. We begin thinking to ourselves, what am I worth? What am I worth to my family, friends, significant other, co-workers, strangers or even the world. Yearning for a sense of worth is a troubling path that can lead to confusion and depression. When we question what am I worth? We should replace it with what am I passionate about? Or what do I love? What you love defines you more than someone’s opinion of your worth. Society takes us off the path of individuality. Everyone lives a different life. What is important to you, may not be important to someone else. What you love, will bring you happiness. Finding that happiness, will fill the void of searching for worth. Everyday we are given an opportunity to do things that make us happy. Appreciate those moments whether they are big or small. Understand that we are not alone in a battle with mental health. Speak to people, share experiences, and simply do things that make you happy.
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