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The other brother
My other favorite brother. It was a little harder to get to know Glenn. As he was getting older I was getting ready to leave home. I do recall him getting funky on the bass guitar and one of the groups he liked was Boston and I was born there. Oh yeah. My earliest memory of Glenn was a houdini like presence. If anyone could get out of the crib he could it was spooky.
Glenn had his own connection with policing authorities when he pulled the fire alarm if front of our house. I will never forget that day. What a crazy mess. All the trucks came and there was no fire to fight. Oh well just testing. He was probably no more than six or seven and all of us watching knew for sure what not to do.
My main adventure with Glenn was taking dad's Volvo to Kansas city. It was by far my favorite memory. We took turns driving and got to know each other. We got stuck along the way, but YES we made it. Then we had a fantastic time in KC. Fire works were legal in KC, missouri and Glenn was in his glory. Never have I seen someone so happy about blowing off fireworks and luckily we did not catch the wooded area on fire. It was fun fun fun.
We also experienced Glenn's cooking expertise. I remember him throwing a spaghetti noodle against the wall and it stuck. Wow I was impressed. I am sure my kids were too. Michaels favorite dish is spaghetti. Something else I discovered was his persistance in playing the lottery. He was the sibling that struck it rich with the lottery when younger. The gas station guy was sure impressed he was the best customer. We also went to Lindsburg, Kansas, little Sweden. I love his wit and philosophical nature. Glenn cares in deep ways at one point working with intellectually challenged. Glenn is an inspiration. I work with this group today.
And more than once a really nice card when I least expected it and sometimes a little money. I love you bro. I look forward to our next road trip. Be ready, it might be sooner than you think.
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