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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2235194
Flash Fiction
Making a New Friend

Frank, and his new trainee Alex, climbed down the manhole in the wee hours of the morning to fix an issue in the seventh quadrant.

“Don’t touch that switch! It could be important!” Frank said quickly as Alex reached for a switch with a red sticker on it.

“How do you know?” Alex asked, as he pulled his hand back.

“What do you think it does? Were you just going to switch it off to find out?”

“Yeah... so?”

“So, what if it does something really important, you’re just going to turn it off and hope for the best? What if it runs the whole block? What if we can’t turn it back on by just flipping the switch back on?”

“What are the odds of that?”

“Well, if it was really important they would have written something on it, right? Somebody else probably put that sticker there just so we wouldn’t turn off their illegal pilfering of energy.”

“So, they stuck the sticker on to make it look legitimate?

“That’s just what they want us to think.”

“So, really, we should turn it off!”

“You have a point! Let’s turn it off!” Frank reached up, with his gloved hand, and flipped the switch off. “Now let’s go find the switch that’s really broken so we can get things back to normal upstairs. The two workers headed off down the tunnel.

Above them, the entire city of Boston and much of the northeastern seaboard had suddenly gone dark.

Frank and Alex never spoke of this incident to anyone for the rest of their lives. They did, however, get together, at least once a year, even after they retired, and laughed their heads off about it.
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