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by dangal
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest · #2235233
Two men are stranded in the African bush and have to get by lions to reach their ride.

The two lions disappeared into the bushes. Tonga leaned on the tree tall wide tree holding his spear in his hand. He was barely dressed, only a loincloth around his waste. "The hot sand is killing me." He said.

"I thought you were used to this place." Said Stan who was all dressed up in a white shirt, khaki pants and a black tie. "And where did your authentic accent go?"

"I live in the big city." Said Tonga. "This is just a show we put on for tourists like you."

"You don't have to be insulting. No one told us it was a show. We paid good money to see the hidden tribe that still lives like in olden days." Said Stan.

Tonga just huffed. and looked around the tree in the direction where the lions had gone.

"Let's go then, The lions are away." Said Stan getting up.

Tonga caught his arm. "Don't go! They are hiding there in the bushes."

"They're gone you fool. Our ride is behind those bushes. Let go of my arm!"

"That’s just what they want us to think!" Said Tonga holding on.

Stan kicked Tonga in the leg and walked away. Strait towards where the lions had gone. "I'm going to report you to Matumba! You will be fired."

Tonga watched him walk towards the bushes. Then he saw the lion crawling slowly through the tall weeds. 'Why should I risk my life for him.' He stood up and watched the lion closely.

The lion's enormous limb muscles strained and bulged as he sprung from the weeds.

Tonga Ran from out the tree towards Stan, raising his spear and yelling.

Stan turned to him, "What are you doing?" Stan yelled.

"The lion! Look!"

Stan looked, but the lion had disappeared.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2235233-African-Show