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What if I did not meet Deekan the dinosaur
Talking things!

I went up the lift to 30th floor I had left last evening. Tethered and slung myself to window frame, hooking the ready mixed paint, spray Gun, started spraying on the wall surface outside faces of the apartment.
Bang! .. a huge flat flying object zoomed past, removing the tether and pulling on to its deck, put me in to a dark room and bolted from outside. Dumbstruck, shivering with fear, I wondered what’s all this? Who’re these guys locking me in? Why are they doing it to me?
After an hour a robot guy with search light on his forehead opened the room, dragged and threw me out of the deck to fall free in to space.
Unable to withstand the freezing cold and weightless I became unconscious instantly.
The welcome warm breeze brought me back into consciousness, it’s bright Sunshine, lots of trees, wild animals, birds everywhere!
The rocks beside me giggled and said “Hey you human, what made you come here”.
“Poor guy, he seems tired, let’s feed him fruits” the apple tree gave a few apples “eat, you’ll gain strength to walk with us”
Snakes were fighting with each other raising their hoods. “Hsss , you don’t show off, I can send you tizzy with one bite I give” first one raised hood above to strike.
“One drop of my venom is just enough to kill hundreds like you…..” the opponent raised its hood further up intertwining the first one.
The Garuda dives into them shouting “You fools are you mad? I will kill you both here with one kick, beware! Flew far above catching one of them in its legs!
I felt jitters at their quarrel! More so looking at their verbal duel so loud like humans!
Birds flew past me, giggling “Welcome man we like you. Come with us let’s play”
The owl screamed at them said “Leave him alone, let him gain strength, I’ll t watch and warn if wild beasts stray near him”
Rabbits did binky dance with joy seeing a human being in me. One of them jumped at me “Hey you human, nice to see you here, come along we dance!” so real and tempting was her invite!
Monkeys came in a group. Their leader held my hand, asked me “Why did you come here, this is not a place for you humans to live. If some of your friends want to come here, ask them not to come”
“It looks he strayed into our territory” one of them guessed.
“No, how can you say, humans live on earth, far away from us. It’s not possible to stray, unless some space ship drops him here” another monkey opined.
I was bewildered what’s this land like, all things talk like humans, where am I, this monkey guy says its entirely different planet. I shivered for my plight.
“Yes, folks it’s the handiwork of that strange wretched flying object. You remember, the other day they dropped another human, poor girl she’s dead of loneliness”
The leader monkey opined “It’s no use wasting time, come let’s lift him on to trees where we shelter ourselves. He gets some company and shelter at least. After all we are his ancestors, it’s our privilege to protect him”
They joined together, pulled me up the trees to their treetop abode. I gradually gained strength, could climb down and up the trees.
Some of the monkey friends helped me fetching varieties of fruits and nuts to eat. I walked on the land wondering how to get back to earth.
A strange sound resembling a dog’s growling caught my attention. I walked in its direction in curiosity.
I was frightened it’s from a huge dinosaur with wings flapping every time it made the sound. I stopped, going further, tried to step back. A gruff voice called me, “I’m seeing you, come my dear, you’re welcome, do not be frightened, I will not harm you”
My mouth got dried, throat choked, speechless, I saw him walking to me. The rocks beside me were saying “Don’t be frightened, he is our friend, he will not harm you”
How can I believe a stranger that too a dinosaur? I replied them.
The giant dinosaur in front of me “Who brought you here, why are you in this strange planet?” he asked in gruff voice.
I was shivering but took courage to answer “I don’t know, I was dropped in air by a strange flying object”
“Oh, you too are a victim of that wretched scheming aliens!” He exclaimed in pity.
“This is your native land I suppose” I asked curiously.
“No, I too am from earth like you, but I came on my own, flying all the way! I feel bored here, they are frightened to come near me, though they know now I’m harmless” he shrugged.
“Why’re you here, can’t you go back”
“There you’re. I’m thinking which place is better for me. All my folks are on earth. I sometimes feel it’s better to be with them, instead of being alone here”
“Oh, you think so. I’m finding folks and surroundings strange here. Even rocks and inanimate things talk. Good but we don’t get the warmth of our own folks here. I too feel lonely”
“One of the girls brought by those aliens could not bear loneliness, though I tried to make friends. She didn’t believe me even, died at last unable to bear loneliness”
I was happy I could meet the friendly dinosaur with concern for lives though it’s strange.
I returned to monkeys’ abode, they were anxious where I disappeared. As soon as they saw, the leader asked me “Where were you all this time? We’re worried if some beast killed you. We’re eager to know.
I explained about meeting a dinosaur, his strange concern for others’ lives.
“Yes we are told about such a creature, but never came across, it’s strange, we would like to see him”
Next morning he accompanied me to see the dinosaur.
I waited for him at the point we left earlier, he was not there. We waited quite some time, there was a strange growling sound again like a dog.
We waited as he approached the location, he wished Good Morning my dear ,you have brought a friend I suppose”
Yes he’s leader of monkey community here, he was curious to see you.
“That’s nice of him”…….” I am Deekan, flying dinosaur from earth by origin, came here just by curiosity.” Introduced himself.
Are you ready, you can take our friend piggy back and return to earth and enjoy your buddies, am I right?.......
Yes leader we will do it!.........the dinosaur lowered its back down, caught me and placed me on its back.
I was frightened to core remembering the chill and float wile falling here.
The leader of monkeys tied me tight to his back in belts, covered his leather coat snug on me, bid good bye to us.
Good bye Leader, thanks a lot ! the dinosaur flapped his wings and flew high in air!

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