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Makes you wonder the possibilities, if only he said "Come in"
She walked through the clouds of her dream and found herself near a gate, where a man was seated on the black stone quite stylishly like it was his throne, next to him another who looked like his follower. One look at her and he sighed in frustration telling the man next to him "She doesn't belong here now". The confused follower looks at her while the man says "You can't come in here". She stares at the man furrowing her eyebrows while he says "It's not your time yet". He walks towards her and keeps his palm at the back of her left shoulder.

She wakes up from the strange dream she's had only to find all her family and far relatives she hadn't seen for ages. They all look at her in shock and some of them gasp at her sight. When she asked why they are looking at her like that, they replied, which shocked her the most "You were dead for 3 days". They had been waiting for her husband to return for her burial. The next day, in another village next to hers, a woman of the same name had died. But sadly, unlike the woman of their village, she did not return.

She checked her left shoulder to see a black dot big enough to be a mark. It was then she realised that it was not a dream. She had come face to face with the God of Death himself, along with one of the angels that might have carried her to the doorsteps of the World of the Dead.

Word Count - 267.
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