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A troubling time in Earth’s history - a prose poem.
Smoothly and somewhat convincingly -
And most bewilderingly -

A violence deceiving
The lengths of tragedy.

A privilege for the forsaken duties
Of most,
And a devilish concept -

The hypocrisy of claims. 

And the masking of a feisty heresy.

The sincerest, most ageless worth -
A streetwise assurance,
And a dedicated need. 

A decision that warrants enmity
And exorbitant restrictions.

Within the darkened turmoil,
The hapless misfires
Of some emboldened chief,
His narrow margin of victory
This unaffordable, streaming zone -
Drawing the destitute ire
And frank rendering
Of a baseline need
For interminable rankling...

And the soul of a nation
In harm’s way,
Disemboweling the freedoms
Of social will and eventful song
To increase its opposing force
This upcoming election,
An unfairly counted voting
Ceding to this noble
And faithless cause... 

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