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Real time walking tour through Jupiter's moon Europa

Are we live? Are we live? I’ll wait a few moments to see if there is any action on the chat. Yes. Here we go. Good day everyone. Welcome! Welcome! Laura, one of my super chat fans is on board and I see a few other comments starting to stream in from my loyal fans so we can begin. Welcome to my channel. This is Sven, your out of this world tour guide coming to you live from Europa. I’m streaming on the Ewtubular Space Network in 4K on my 9.1g Iphone.

John.doubledown.14 on chat is asking if it is cold today. Yes. Yes John it is cold every day here on Europa. I guess it is time to do a quick weather check for all of my viewers watching from back on Earth. Today it is a balmy -315 F.
The norm is - 260 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 160 degrees Celsius). At the poles of the moon, the temperature never rises above minus 370 F (minus 220 C)

marycookiehead from Indonesia is asking in super chat, “Is this really a live stream?”

How should I answer that? Live is a relative term out here in space at this distance. It is live for me but there is a significant lapse time or delay in the streaming. It takes this signal approximately 45 minutes to reach you and another 45 minutes for your message to get back to me. Also; Thank you Mary for your kind support.

Minimum time for signal to reach Earth from Europa: 588∗106km∗(1000m/1km)∗(1/c)∗(1min/60sec)≈32.67min588∗106km∗(1000m/1km)∗(1/c)∗(1min/60sec)≈32.67min
Maximum time for signal to reach Earth: 968∗106km∗(1000m/1km)∗(1/c)∗(1min/60sec)≈53.78min

If it is of any consolation to all of you, I will be responding to about 15 of your chats at a time per each transmission to keep a natural flow of continuity between your questions and my response times. I hope that makes some sense to you.
I had a filling breakfast this morning of oatmeal with cinnamon powder on top, hot black coffee and a hard boiled egg on toast in my tiny shuttle holding area so I am excited to get started. It is great to be out and about in this strange new world. I’m going to take you for a walk in a southerly direction from my position. We are going to explore a newly formed large outcrop of ice about a mile from here.

This trip and exploration walk are sponsored by Turkish Aeronautics, Happy Tours and Japan Air B And BB Industries. I want to thank them for their support.

Thank you jubajubacloud for the super chat. I hope you can all see the vast icy landscape in front of us with reasonable clarity and I hope you can all hear me ok.

I’m going to point my camera overhead right now towards the northeast so you can see the awesome Jupiter day rise with all the splendid colors and bands swirling in their majestic kaleidoscopic glory. The enormity of it all is mind boggling and surreal.
Normally at this hour on Earth on one of my European or Asian walking tours it would be Beer Time. I would be searching out a convenience store or neighborhood liquor store with all of you on board to take a few minutes under a tree or on a park bench to enjoy a relaxing brew. We do not have too many stores here on Europa as you might have guessed. In fact there are none. I will have to wait and enjoy a cold one later on in the shuttle after the stream.

Mike from Boston comments in the chat, “Do you have any plans to visit the other Jupiter moons soon or in the future.” Yes Mike. I do. I would love to see Ganymede and Callisto and to do an aerial tour of Io. Io is a hostile environment, an active volcanic moon with the entire surface covered in molten lava so you really can’t step foot on it without burning up immediately in the process. But yes. That would be great.

Here we go! I’m turning slowly to do a 360 degree visual pan of the entire surface of this icy moon. As you can see it is very white with some shadowy images or streaks of bluish green light reflecting off ancient and newly formed fissures. They are created by tidal forces. Jupiter pushing and pulling this tiny world between other neighboring moons, causing gravitational distortions. That is why there are so many lines, fissures and cracks visible on the surface.
It is still theorized that well beneath the surface, the core of the moon is made of molten hot iron. The ice crust starting from the surface is approximately tens of miles deep. Below that there is a liquid ocean with the possibility of more advanced life forms, that is, other than advanced complex bacteria. There could be octopus, squid or cuddle fish like creatures with the ability to survive this inhospitable strange environment.

Kim from North Korea asks, “Do you come from Europa?” No but thanks for asking the most peculiar question of the day.

I’m going to pick up the pace now. There is a huge block of ice on one of the higher thick ridge formations just south east of here. Can you see it in the lens? It looks interesting. I’m going to try to make my way over to it before we wrap up this stream. My oxygen supply is good for at least another five hours more but there are safety parameters I am bound to in my space agency contract so I want to play it safe.

Unicorn zombie from California wants to know, “Are people allowed to drink beer and other alcohol beverages outside?” Yes Unicorn. There are no rules or laws. There are no police and no people so it is perfectly fine to drink wherever and whenever you can without getting into trouble. Also; there is no such thing as “inside” anywhere on this moon. There are no shelters or homes or businesses. It is a vast open land so you would be doing all of your drinking outside.

Technically speaking that is not entirely true. You could not open a beer can outside because it would freeze solid instantly in the subzero temperatures. You would have to set up a mechanism inside your space suit with tubes and devices to deliver the beer from the can to your mouth seamlessly.

I want to welcome you Ewtubulars just joining us from Earth. I am Sven and we are exploring the surface of Europa, one of the many moons of Jupiter. As of September 19, 2020 there are 79 discovered moons.
The ice crust as stated already is tens of miles thick before you reach the liquid salty ocean. I didn’t bring a shovel or other digging equipment with me today. I always forget to take a bathing suit with me when exploring so there will be no swimming in the deep today.

I have a follow up question regarding a comment from a previous chat, Kim from North Korea who wanted to know if I was from Europa. We settled that question but a new chat from Floridamanjuno questions, “If you don’t come from Europa where do you come from?”

Thanks for the question florida man. I come from Earth. More specifically, from Denmark.

A large meteor shower is coming in from the west with a grave and violent force. There is no atmosphere on this moon but the rocks are falling to the surface, through the ice, like bullets ripping through thin paper, burning hot red, orange fragments, with blinding blue light, in rapid succession, torpedoing in from space, exploding on impact, ejecting vast shards of ice crystals up and out about the region. On landing you can see and hear the meteors as they devastate the landscape and witness the ice crystals sizzle then evaporate even in the absence of air. Did you see that people? Did you see what I just saw? This is going on right now in real time not even a half mile away from my position! If they get any closer I will be dead!

Jinny from New Jersey wants to know, “Are guns allowed on Europa?”

I see we have a colorful crowd here today on chat. Yes Jinny. This is a gun friendly world. It comes with or without guns if you so desire. There is no one to hold you back. You can do pretty much anything you want to if you can handle the cold, the isolation and rugged conditions.

If you liked what you saw and experienced today and want to see more, please hit the like button on the screen and please push the prescribe button if you want to support the channel. I appreciate all of you. This is Sven signing off for now. See you all tomorrow on my live stream beginning at 12 o’clock. Bye-bye!

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