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"How can life be so hard, and why am I all alone in this?" "Do you ever God ask for help?"
Ask of God

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, for only if you ask of God, will you come to know the more part of the truth.

For assumptions are plenty, and among them truth is few and ever decreasing, becoming harder to find. But by asking of God, you will find them, if you're willing to do the necessary work.

He who ask not, recieveth not. And he who knocketh not, shall not have the door opened unto them.

For if you ask not the shopkeeper for what you desire, how will he know of assurity that thou desireth that thing? And if a weary traveler knocketh not on the door, how will the owner of the house know of assurity that the traveler outside desireth to be let in?

I say unto you that neither the shopkeeper nor the nor the owner of the house shall know of assurity what you desire anything, or that the traveler desireth to be let in.

We can symbolize the shopkeeper and the owner of the house as The Lord.

Like unto the shopkeeper, everything thou needeth be in the shop. All you need to do, is ask of the keeper and give him coin, and what thou desireth, be it yours.

Like unto the Lord, everything thou needeth, be in his grace and love. All you need to do, is to ask him with a true desire to receive from him, be it help, grace, or a means to overcome a trial. The price is faith, and the willingness to do what He asks of thee, and whatsoever thou desire, the Lord shall give unto thee.

And like unto the owner of the house, rest, warmth and safety lies within his house. All you need to do, is knock, and ask him for shelter. And it shall be opened unto thee.

Like unto the Lord, rest, warmth and safety lies within his house. All you need to do, is work your way to Him in faith, without murmuring, or doing it grudgingly, and in happiness, and you thou shalt be received. Then, you will find rest, warmth and safety.

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