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Adam Scott lives in New Jersey, USA. He works as an electrical engineer...
Adam Scott lives in New Jersey, USA. He works as an electrical engineer in a company named Engineering Solutions for New Jersey. He had the habit of playing musical instruments like keyboard, harmonica, flute, guitar, melodic in his spare time. He loves to listen to rap music and rock music. He has a friend named James Smith who is a guitar player. James came to Adam’s house one day and they started talking about different aspects of music.

James asked, “Do you know where Frank Sinatra was born?”
Adam said, “No.”
James said, “He was born in Hoboken. He used to sing in a regional group named Hoboken Four and he had made public appearance in amateur shows prior to becoming a great actor. He had won academy award for his work.”
Adam said, “Wow, that’s great!”
James said, Do you know the reason behind the popularity of Freehold?”
Adam said, “Tell me plz.”
James said, Bruce Springsteen lived in Freehold and he used to sing about the life at New Jersey. Do you know the popular songs?”
Adam said, “I listened to Born to Run, Spirit in the night, Rosalina, Thunder Road, Atlantic City and Jungleland. They are really great!”
James said, “ Do you know the place where Jonas Brothers lived?”
Adam replied, “It is Wyckoff, a place in New Jersey Frankie Jonas and Kevin were born here. Have you heard about Queen Latifah?”
James said, “She was a female rapper who started rap music for the first time here. She belonged to Irvington. She got success in television, film and music. Have you heard about South Orange?”
Adam replied, “This place is popular for Lauryn Hill who had started solo album in 1998 named The miseducation of Lauryn Hill. There were 10 million copies sales across the world!”
James exclaimed, “Wow ! That’s great! What about her other musical album?”
Adam replied, “The Fugees was her second project and the album was named The Score.”
James said, “That’s great! Have you heard about Southside Johnny?”
Adam replied, “Yes, he had been regarded as Grandfather of the New Jersey Sound. He had been regarded as the inspiration behind Jon Bon Jovi. And What about Redman?”
James replied, “Redman was originally Reggie Nobie and he lived in Newark. Do you know the reason behind popularity of Englewood?”
Adam replied, “The Sugarhill Gang members lived there! Do you know a rap producer from Paterson?”
James said, “His name is Just Blaze and he was the founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. What about Jon Bon Jovi?”
Adam replied, “He lived in Sayerville and he had gained popularity in 1980s from hard rock singer Bon Jovi. The New Jersey life was mentioned in the lyrics and one of the popular song was Livin On a prayer. Can you name a singer from East Orange?”
James said, “Dionne Warwick. What is the birthplace of Whitney Houston?”
Adam replied, “It is Newark and they had been brought up at East Orange. What about Count Basie?”
James said, “He was a pianist of Jazz genre and his birth place was Red Bank in the year 1904. Did he work with anyone?”
Adam said, “He had worked on the albums of Frank Sinatra. There is a theater named Count Basie Theatre to show him respect. Who started Parliament-Funkadelic?”
James said, “It was started by George Clinton. Do you know about the pioneers of Hip Hop?”
Adam said, “At East Orange, Naughty by Nature pioneers lived and they were hip hop pioneers.”
James said, “Its really nice talking to you about music! Hope to meet you soon.”

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