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George Springfield lives in Hawaii, USA. He loves travelling. He also loves photography.
George Springfield lives in Hawaii, USA. He loves travelling. He also loves photography. His friend Jacob Watson came from New Jersey. George works as a software engineer in a company named Engineering Solutions. Jacob works as a financial advisor at Techhawaii. George is a tall man having muscular structure. Jacob is an obese person as he is involved in an office job.

George asked, “Is it true that there is volcanic activity at Hawaiian island?”
Jacob replied, “Yes! It has been regarded as Hawaii hotspot. The process of island formation is going on. What is the recent volcano?”
George replied, “It is loihi seamount.”
Jacob asked, “Where is it?”
George said, “It is near Hawaii island coast. Do you know anything about Maui?”
Jacob replied, “Yes. The volcanic eruption was found in Haleakala on Maui. It happened in the late eighteenth century. It happened in 1790 and there was explosion of Kilauea.”
George asked, “Is it the deadliest eruption?”
Jacob said, “Yes. It caused the death of 5405 warriors and they were going towards Kilauea. Which is the second highest point in islands of the world?”
George said, “It is Hawaii island. Which did the earthquakes occur?”
Jacob said, “It occurred in 1975 and 1868. How did steep cliffs form?”
George said, “It had been developed by debris avalanches. What happened to Kilauea?”
Jacob said, “On May 2018, there was an eruption and there were 22 fissure vents at East Rift Zone. Where is Lanipuna gardens?”
George said, “It is close to Kilauea. About 36 buildings were destroyed. Which chemical was found in fumes?”
Jacob said, “The fumes had sulphur dioxide. How many inhabitants were evacuated?”
George said, “Around 2000 people. Do you know about Protected areas of Hawaii?”
Jacob said, “Within national park service, there are haleakala national park which is close to kula at Maui island. What kind of volcano is haleakala?”
George said, “It is dormant volcano and where is Hawaii volcanoes national park?”
Jacob said, “It is located at southeastern region. What are the popular national parks in Hawaii?”
George said, “They are Kaluapapa national historical park, Kaloko-honokahau national historical park and puuhonua o Honaunau national historical park. Which monument was associated with George W Bush? Which year?”
Jacob replied, “It is paphanaumokaukea marine national monument. The date was 15th June on 2006. What is the area?”
George replied,”It is 360000 sq km and there are reefs and atolls.”
Jacob said, “Its really nice to talk about these interesting facts about Hawaii. “
George replied, “Exactly!”
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