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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Not Smiling

Sandy reached for the doorknob, but the door was locked. She could feel her temper rising. She knocked.

“You can’t come in here.”

“It’s my house too,” she said in as mild a voice as she could muster.

“Five more minutes, just give me five more minutes,” Alex said, through the still closed door.

“Listen you little itch. This has gone on long enough. I know what you’re doing. You don’t like that I’m the oldest, you don’t like that I can boss you around sometimes, too bad! I was born first. I didn’t ask to be born first, but I am sure liking it right now because if you don’t open this door I am going to get you in so much trouble your head will spin!”

“Five minutes!”

“You think you’re golden now cause Mom told me I had to be nice to you, don’t you! Well, I can be nice as pie in front of MOM, but I can be pretty un-nice when Mom’s not around. If you don’t open this door right this minute you’re gonna find out just how un-nice I can be. Ask Ted. Ask Ted how he got blamed for ruining the living room rug and was grounded for two weeks because he got me in trouble at school.”

“Ah, Sandy?... Alex said, turning the door handle and opening the door...

There stood the whole family, everyone was smiling except Mom, who was definitely not smiling, and Ted who was smiling like he just won a million dollars.

“Surprise? Happy Birthday...”

Suddenly Sandy was not smiling either.
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