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Brain Storming
Spend at least fifteen minutes clarifying things through ""What If"" brainstorming, mind mapping (see resources at the bottom of the calendar), freestyle writing, lists, drawings or research as follows:
World Building: For fantasy, science fiction, or other speculative fiction, develop the history, geology, ecology, and/or maps for your world.
Research: For reality-based fiction, research aspects of your novel that will lend credibility to your writing.

You may also choose to use this time to finish a previous assignment that needs more time.

What if Prudence isn't obese. Well if Prudence isn't obese than chances are she'll be the one thats held for ransom. I want to write based on an obese businesswoman as media would have us believe that overweight successful women don't exist.

what about Arabelle, what will become of her? She'll be rescued alive. I don't want a character dying in it. I want a happy ending .

What about Gretchen. Well as the antagonist her biggest fault is her dislike of Prudence. Her idea to have Arabelle kidnapped for Prudence to pay the ransom fails due to to a series of stupid mistakes. Also their history which will be explained in the story would of brought the police to her sooner or later.

How long will the novel be? It will only be a couple of chapters. Due to time constrains and committment it's important not to drag it out.

What about the elephant in the room - grammar.

This is a series problem for me. I write as I speak, dispite how often I read things i miss stuff, so I will need tools to assist me.
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