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Climate changes have had adverse conditions in the arb countries as described bellow;
                    Climate Changes and its Effects          on the Arab Area          
Climate Change and its Effects on the Arab Area
Recent years have been characterized by sustainable deterioration of the world climatic conditions , resulting in higher day temperatures, and lower rainfall in dry areas. These changes have caused unfavorable climatic conditions to get worse and favorable climatic conditions to become bad ,which has had adverse on social , economic and cultural practices affecting communities all over the world These changes have been attributed , in part , to natural changes occurring on the earth's tectonic plates and human activities .The condition in the Arab World is more than twice as worse as the world average despite the fact that the Arab World contributes to climatic change in lower degrees compared to the western world .The report will then recommend changes that these governments could implement to ensure success of the mitigation measures .
Background Information

The Arab world energy as the case in most regions globally, is the principal anthropogenic
Contributing factor to the deteriorating climatic conditions .This mainly arises from overdependence
On fossil fuel which combustion results in the release of green house gases mainly carbon dioxide, which causes a sustainable rise in global warming .

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