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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2235352
A lady with a difference!
Stay Out!

Sir Albans rode his steed uphill and down dale, searching. At last, he came to a large cave with an iron-strapped door. Seeing a knocker shaped like a helm, he took it in both fists and slammed it against the portal.

“Who’s there?” asked a robust, feminine voice.

“Lady Cicely, is that you?” the brave knight roared.


“I would know your dulcet tones anywhere, milady!”

“What do you want, sir knight?” the voice asked testily.

“Want? I’m here to rescue you from that vile worm!”

“Rescue me? Whatever for?”

“Your father commands it!”

“Pshaw! My father wants no more from me than to marry me off to some ugly prince!”

“Verily, he has agreed that you will marry me, but only if I slaughter the dragon and bring you home!”

Sir Albans heard giggling and gruff laughter from behind the door.

“Open I say!”

“You can’t come in here!”

“We’ll see about that!”

Using his lance and shield, Albans began to batter at the door, running full tilt at it with his armoured horse. Just as he took the longest run at the problem he could, the door flew open. The gallant couldn’t stop and ran straight into the back wall, splintering his lance and cracking his shield as well as his head.

Sitting dazed, a vision swam before his eyes. There was Lady Cicely surrounded by baby dragons! An adult dragon sat beside her, sipping tea.

“Stand back from the spawn of the beast! I will protect you!” Albans said even as he staggered to rise and brandish his broken weaponry.

“Stay away from the children! I am determined to protect dragons from people like you! Away! Tell my father I am a dragon protectress and won’t return.”

Sir Albans mounted his bedraggled horse and left.

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