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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Mystery · #2235356
The theme for Manicotti and Murder
The theme of this novel is the basic “evil does not pay.” Gary is going to get caught stealing from his aunt’s business. He will also get charged for murder and attempted murder. There may be two counts of murder, but I am not sure yet. He will have embezzlement charges for stealing from the amusement park.
The conflict will be resolves when Antonio finally not only finds out what is going on, but is ready to go to the police with that he knows. He finally has enough information to get charges pressed. He has gotten himself into the same life Gary is in, at a great cost to him, but he now knows he has done the right thing and good will triumph over evil. A price will already have been paid, of course. But Antonio will be victorious in the end, saving the amusement park and keeping all of the people there working. He will also have saved the legacy Betty and Fred spent their lives creating.
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