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Some brainstorming about Manicotti and Murder
What I know so far is that Antonio will be saved in the end by Rita. I did not know that when I started, but his relationship with Rita changes a great deal over the course of the novel. At first, he thinks she is just trouble. He feels like Rita is trying to get Ralf into a three-way relationship that will only leave him heartbroken again.
The last time Ralf lost a woman he loved, he went back to drinking and almost lost his life to it. By this time he and Antonio were already friends, so Antonio let him have his job back once he sobered up. He had been on the right path for over 10 years. Antonio wanted Ralf to take over the Handi Mani and the amusement park. He had yet to tell him that, but that was his plan. With Rita hanging around, though, he was not sure if he could do that. If Ralf got wrapped up in her and things went wrong, Antonio could lose the manicotti stand.
Later, Antonio realized Rita really does have Ralf’s best interest in mind, no matter how messed up of a person she is. He also realizes she is actually in danger from her ex-husband, Gary. While Antonio is not married and has, indeed, not had a long-term relationship since college, he has seen it in many of his employees – just unhealthy relationships that can ruin people’s lives.
Antonio prefers to have a girl here and there, but at a distance. They usually get tired of the distance and leave him, but he tries not to let it bother them. He knows that he would like to settle down someday, maybe, but at this point he is concentrating on his business. The restaurant is doing well and he is looking to open another on the other side of town. Part of the reason he decided to create a deep-friend manicotti stand at the amusement park was to let tourists know about his restaurant. There are many tourists who come through and visit the park, as well as a nearby water park, and he wanted to tap into that in the easiest way be could think about – and make some money doing it.
The amusement park needs a name. This is one thing that I did not really put a lot of thought into yet. I want it to be something generic. Fun Land is a dumb name. Be a Kid Again is good, but then it sounds like it’s aimed at adults, which it’s not. Family something. Family Fun Land. Family Shenanigans. I like Shenanigans. And it kind of indicates something else might be going on. So, for now at least, the name of the amusement park.
In the end, when Rita finds out that Antonio’s life may be in danger, she brings the police to the park as it closes on what winds up to be the exact right night to save his life.
On a future note – maybe Rita’s the girl? That’s kind of a sequel ending that I never thought about!
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