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300 w flash: phone, dog, rug; Kissing Camels Surgery Center, fever.warning@companknee.com
"Well, if you wouldn't kiss camels you wouldn't have a fever."

Sugar was pissed. Warnings about smoking went in Margot's ears and out her nostrils.

She sat there waiting for the phone to ring. Zed had taken the cat to the vet and the dog had just peed on the rug.

It was all she could do to not cry.

Margot just shrugged. "I like camels ... a lot. Those new e-cigs with exotic flavors don't excite me. Who wants to smell like cinnamon vanilla?"

"Says the lady who reeks of cheap cologne and snuffs out candles every time she coughs."

"Well, maybe so, but just give it a rest. We have other problems. Zed is going to be upset with Bingo and you know he'll yell and make your migraine worse."

"Thanks for reminding me."

"And I have a fever of 101. Sure you don't have any aspirin?"

"You could just walk a block to Kissing Camels and ask them."

"Dressed like this!"

"I'd be more concerned about the smell."


The phone rang.

"Nothing they can do? Okay. Just pick up some aspirin on the way home... and piss remover. Yeah yeah. I know. As if the day couldn't get worse."

"Bad news?"

"They couldn't do anything for Pumpkin."

"Well she was 15..."

"Bite me."

The phone rang again.

"Kissing Camel Surgery Center? Yes, what's your mother's name? Sure, bring her down. Is 4 p.m. okay? See you then Mr. Marshall."

"You're wicked."

"Well, we begged them to change their number. We had ours first. Dial SUR-GERY may have sounded smart but no one in this two-bit town knows how to spell any more than my dog... oh for gawd's sake... do you have to go out again?"

"Whoa!" Margot exclaimed ... as the rug slid out from under Sugar.
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