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Day 16 Challenge
1) Review your plot elements thus far and organize them into your outline.
(2) Add a chronological timeline to your revised outline, using whatever measure of time is appropriate in your story. Determine when plot events happen in time (which is not necessarily when you will reveal them in your novel.) See this example composed by JK Rowling while outlining one of her famous Harry Potter novels.
(3) Optional: Brainstorm the best chronology(ies) for your story and work it(them) into your outline.

Chronology Strategies
*Bullet* Linear Narrative - the story is told in the order the events occurred.
*Bullet* Non-Linear Narrative - the story is told out of order.
*Bullet* Reverse Chronology - the story is told backwards.
*Bullet* In medias res - the story starts in the middle, goes back to explain how it got there, catches up, and then resolves.
*Bullet* Flashback/forward - individual scene(s) that take place prior to or after the current action.

Day One Prudence Sternwood arrives home, accosted by criminals. Home ransacked, she's tied up, daughter kidnapped and her SUV stolen
Day Two Gang hear that the police are aware and they increase the ransom. The police start questioning people.
Police find SUV
Day Three Police arrest guy making pick up of SUV and question him. He says he was put in touch by a car repair shop in Philly of this SUV
Day Four Police question garage owner in Philly. He states an ex-employee Glenn Bridges was looking for a chop shop in New Jersey
Police Raid apartment of Glenn Bridges.
Police raid his apartment and discover his partner is Gretchen McClure, cousin of Prudence Sternwood who's up for battery against Prudence previously.
Day five police set bug in Prudence's mothers house.
The police discover a cousin of Glenns working for Prudence's cousin. They set up surveillance on her.
Day Six kidnapper gang member makes contact with chop shop for collection of money for the SUV
Day seven the collection point is been monitored by police. Gang member arrives to pick up and he's arrested. Arabelle Sternwood rescued alive and well.
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