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Love is an emotion created by the brain ...
Love is an emotion created in the brain by some process which is not understood by medical science.
Each brain is unique. It must follow that each emotion of love is also unique. Furthermore, the emotion
changes with time and mutates. The 'love' of a man of 50 for his wife is not the same as his love was for her
when he was age 25. There may be many reasons for mutation of 'love' including remembrance of the
past, nostalgia, loneliness, feelings of guilt, etc.

Propaganda and indoctrination also plays or can play a significant role in influencing the brain to create emotions, for example, to be patriotic, to love a political leader, to hate minorities in the population, etc. During WW2 Russian infantry marched into their deaths with the battlecry 'Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!' [For the Motherland! For Stalin!] and died in their millions.

The important thing to take away from the above is that each love is unique and that love evolves and mutates
as the brain evolves and mutates.

Love is an emotion created by the brain ...

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