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Do we care if we have no planet to sustain us, no air to breathe, we will when that comes
Our planet is slowly dying
But does anyone really care?
As we pour toxic waste into our oceans
And poisonous fumes into our air

Will we care when she cannot sustain us?
Because of our ignorance and greed
When our children look at us with despair
Because their future is not guaranteed

Do we care about the hungry and the poor?
Or is it only our own interests standing tall?
Have we become so disconnected?
From a world that's become so small

Can we look ourselves in the mirror?
With every day that passes by
With no empathy, we're not human
Is inhumane how we now identify?

Do we even care about ourselves?
As we drink and smoke and obtain
Consumerism is infinite
In a finite world, gone insane

Will we care when consequences come?
If we continue this life of profusion?
Deny our fate or make amends
Or carry on until the final conclusion?
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