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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2235476
This is a short story based on an incident I've read...
As he stood over the body, he thought he would feel remorse, remorse that he killed another, but he felt nothing. In fact, he felt the exact opposite. He felt relieved. Relieved that his father is dead. Happy to be free from the torturous sinister who has the name of "Father" but never lives up to it. The kill itself brought him joy which had been so long since he felt it, that he wondered, "Why didn't he suffer as much I have for all these years?". He had killed him with a stab in the heart, the exact place where it used to hurt every time he spewed brutal words and beat him nearly to death. After he was dead, he cut his hands off and burnt it to make sure his spirit never hurt anyone else. And so he walked back home to find his mother and tell her that they are finally free.

But upon arriving, he sees his father in the living room, drinking beer, and watching the television. He is confused and shocked to see his father alive and wretched, like his soul. He stares at the man before him wondering "Isn't he dead? Am I seeing dead people now? Is he a ghost come back to haunt mother and I?" His thoughts are interrupted when he feels a slap against his cheek by the man, now standing with the bottle in hand and yelling "You useless piece of shit! What did you do now for you to look so terrified!? Answer me!" His father kept cursing at him while he crouched down and started crying due to the pain from his father's words. The man was so angry that he took out his belt and slashed it across the boy's back over and over till he heard no whimpers. He felt satisfied with it and got back to his usual bingeing and drinking. The boy's mother saw this but felt helpless as she loved both her husband and her son. She just stood there till the man dozed off and helped her son to the bedroom to treat the wounds.

He said "I thought I freed us from him". She looked confused but said nothing.

The next day, the same repeated, He stood over a dead body, relieved, only to come back home to find his father still alive. This went over and over till it happened at least 20 times in the boy's mind, each time more confused as to why he never died. Why he had to come back to the house to torture his mother and him. Why did God hate them so so much to leave them in the hands of a cruel man. And why, when he killed him multiple times, is he coming back?

This is a short story about a serial killer who is delusional and just wants him and his mother to get away from his abusive father. You can say that he's suffering from trauma from a young age and cannot see what is the difference between right and wrong. He feels that the people whom he's murdered are his father and sees him in them. But he can never understand what he's doing is wrong and is hopeful he will get it right one day and that he won't have the face his father when he goes home.
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